3Dsimo MultiPro


3DSIMO MULTIPRO has been updated with you, it is compact and easy to use.

The 3D pen melts the plastic (filaments), which instantly stiffens in a solid and stable shape, you create 3D details only with the movement of your hand, you have the ability to draw, it is also convenient for burning, cutting, smoothing and welding.
The results will surprise you.
The 3D pen is safe to use at home and does not harm your health!


Check the new functions of 3DSIMO MULTIPRO comparing to the previous version 3DSIMO MINI


Next generation 3Dsimo Mini, based on customer feedback and experience with years of manufacturing 3D pens.

3Dsimo has created a more durable, more powerful, and beautiful 3DSimo MultiPro.

MultiPro is the perfect multifunctional tool for any master, amateur and technician. Want to do more than draw in 3D? Just replace the attachments, which are especially easy to replace with the spring mechanism to solder, burn or cut. The pen automatically recognizes which attachment you are using and guides you through the lesson on the OLED screen when using each attachment for the first time. You can adjust the speed and temperature using the controller.

4 в 1

With one go, you have the ability to change one of the 4 gadgets, transform it into a hot wire, soldering iron, or other tool.


Soldering attachment tranforms 3Dsimo MultiPro in fully functional soldering station. Easy to set up temperature up to 480°C is perfect for repair of circuit boards and home appliances. Thanks to its durability and reliability, soldering attachment on 3Dsimo MultiPro is a great tool for DYI guys, students, technical professions or even as a professional tool for large-scale production.

3Dsimo MultiPro


This attachment is a great tool for smoothing the surface and removing supports of 3D printed objects, also thanks to its maximum temperature of 480°C and different types of tips  is burning attachment a great tool for decoration on wood or leather. This function appreciate not only designers or artists but all who wants to creatively make their favorite  things.

3Dsimo MultiPro


With the attachment set for 3D drawing in the air you can also create and repair the plastic objects in your household (ex. headphones,, plastic dishes or parts of the car), create jewel or any other designer pieces, build models of buildings or constructions. Nothing is imposible. The main advantage is the possibility to heat the temperature up to 280°C and speed of feeding.  This alow the usage of any available materials but also the new ones.

3Dsimo MultiPro


With foam cutting attachment you can cut and shape any plastic material  (polystyrene, Depron, EPP, etc) or hard plastics including Plexiglass. Foam cutting tool also comes with an angle setting plate, which will help you with cutting accurate angles. This is great tool for model builders, engineers, architects or students of technical lines. Can be use also for 3D printing.

3Dsimo MultiPro
3Dsimo Multipro

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