3Dsimo MultiPro


3DSIMO MULTIPRO has been updated with you, it is compact and easy to use.

The 3D pen melts the plastic (filaments), which instantly stiffens in a solid and stable shape, you create 3D details only with the movement of your hand, you have the ability to draw, it is also convenient for burning, smoothing and welding.
The results will surprise you.
The 3D pen is safe to use at home and does not harm your health!


Check the new functions of 3DSIMO MULTIPRO comparing to the previous version 3DSIMO MINI


3Dsimo MultiPro is an innovative pen!

More durable, more powerful, more functional and more beautiful! 3Dsimo MultiPro is a handheld workshop that can not only draw 3D, but also solder and burn. Whether you’re a professional designer or a hobbyist, 3Dsimo MultiPro is the perfect tool to bring out your creative side. MultiPro is a multifunctional tool that offers 3 main functions:

3 в 1

With one go, you have the ability to change one of the 3 gadgets, transform it into a hot wire, soldering iron, or other tool.


With the soldering attachment you can solder as easily as with any other soldering iron. Changing the soldering iron is easy, just unscrew it. Can reach up to 470°C.

3Dsimo MultiPro


The burning attachment can reach up to 500°C, allowing you to burn leather, wood and more. Also allows you to smooth 3D printed objects.

3Dsimo MultiPro


Using any current and future 3D printing filament (1.75mm diameter). You can set the temperature up to 270°C

3Dsimo MultiPro
3Dsimo Multipro

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