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    TRILAB DeltiQ 2 

    • Larger size of the TRILAB DeltiQ 2 printer with a print area: 250 mm x 300 mm.
    • Premium prints – The printer is static during printing.
    • Unconventional – Orientation for even better surface quality.
    • Complete solution – Printer set up for professionals.
    • Universal – A range of different materials that can be processed by this printer.
    • Smart – Control the printer by hand, with the Delta Control wireless display, with the application in your smart background.
    • Beautiful – Stands out with graceful design and unique Delta movements.
    Trilab Deltiq 2 plus


    Rely on Top Quality

    You already know that custom printing is a money-maker. Choose the very best partner (or expand your existing farm)



    Present Yourself as a School for the 21st Century

    3D printing is a great aid not only for teaching, but also for creating long-term projects for students and children.



    Gain the Freedom to Think More Creatively

    3D printing is the ideal way to make your bravest ideas a reality, and the DeltiQ 3D printer is a top-rate tool for this.



    Simpler and faster prototype production at a fraction of the price

    Shorten your prototyping times from weeks to hours by prototyping right at your office.



    Show yourself in the very best light. And on time.

    Can also use your printer in other ways—for example for small print runs of advertising products the day before an event.

    Революционен контрол на принтера
    Революционен контрол на принтера

    Revolutionary Printer Control

    Control the printer according to your needs. In the palm of your hand using the DeltaControl wireless display, which can be safely stowed in the charging dock, using the WebControl interface on your PC/Mac or using the DeltaControl app in your smartphone. And all of this both locally or remotely.
    Лека печатаща глава
    Лека печатаща глава

    Lightweight Printhead

    Without a heavy extruder motor, our printhead minimizes the inertia-induced effects on print quality.
    That results in a very fast 3D printing while keeping the quality the best possible

    Trilab Deltiq 2 plus рамка
    Trilab Deltiq 2 plus рамка

    Firm Frame

    The rigid frame is the basis of our machine.

    The smart “Tripple Lock” system ensures the perfect fixture between the parts

    Сменяема повърхност PrintPad
    Сменяема повърхност PrintPad

    Swappable Sheets

    Swappable PrintPad sheets

    Два екструдера
    Два екструдера

    Two Extruders

    Unique Extruder Combo

    Умна електроника
    Умна електроника

    Smart Electronics Inside

    With stellar 32bit controller, DeltiQ 2 will process complex motion with easy, provide silent motor movement and enable online access to the printer.
    Габарити и Тегло

    Size and weight

    Dimensions and weight (printer):  DeltiQ 2: 41 × 50 × 81 см / 10 kg

    Dimensions and weight (whole package): DeltiQ 2: 49 × 53 × 105 см / 18 kg



    Maximum print bed temperature: 105 ° С

    Maximum nozzle temperature: Standard up to 300 °C, with upgraded temperature sensor up to 350 °C




    Power consumption: Input 100-240 V, Output 24 V, 250 W
    Connectivity: LAN or WIFI with local or remote access
    3x USB: WIFI/LAN module/USB drive/Webcam/Palette 2



    Printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
    Print Volume: 250 mm × 300 mm
    Printing nozzles: 2
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm nozzle; available in 0.25-0.8mm

    Maximum nozzle temperature: Standard up to 300 °C, with upgraded temperature sensor up to 350 °C
    Maximum print bed temperature: 105 ° С
    Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
    Compatible materials: PLA, PETG / CPE, ABS / ASA, PETG-CF, PC, PP, PVA, BVOH, PACF, PAGF

    extension: nylon/PA, flexible materials (TPA, TPU)



    External construction: Solid metal frame “Tripple lock”
    X/Y resolution: According to the used nozzle in the range of 0.25-1.2 mm, standard 0.4 mm
    Z resolution: A layer height of down to 50 microns, maximum layer height depends on the used nozzle


    Standard slicers: (Kisslicer, Cura, PrusaSlicer, Slic3r, Simplify3D)

    Supported input formats: STL, gcode;

    Control interface: Wireless 5.45“ IPS “DeltaControl“ display, incl. charging dock
    DeltaControl app; iOS/Android, WebControl interface; PC/Mac

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