SUNLU SL-300 3D Pen + 0,5kg PLA


Ergonomic 3D pen

Sunlu SL-300 is an ergonomic, high quality 3D pen for comfortable work. Draw three-dimensionally, safely, easily and reliably.


Special product features:

  • 3D pen for kids, creative people and 3D enthusiasts
  • Filament diameter 1.75mm
  • Easy to use
  • Fast heating of the filament / in about 45 seconds /
  • 3D drawing with eco-friendly PLA or durable ABS
  • Integrated display
  • Light weight
  • Color: white


Sunlu SL-300 – Ergonomic, high quality 3D pen for easy handling

Sunlu SL-300 is an ergonomic, high quality 3D pen for easy handling. Draw 3D with this masterpiece of a “handheld 3D printer” safely, easily and reliably.


3D pen for 1.75 mm PLA and/or ABS filament

Use the Sunlu SL-300 for easy 3D drawing with 1.75 mm PLA and/or ABS filament. Thanks to PLA you work very safely and environmentally friendly. ABS filament is suitable for 3D drawings of durable parts. For children we usually recommend working with PLA, as this material has no harmful fumes and can be processed at relatively low temperatures. This makes the application particularly safe.



Keep an overview at all times thanks to the built-in display

The built-in display allows you to monitor the status of your Sunlu SL-300 3D pen at all times. Monitor the temperature for best results.


3D pen with ergonomic design for comfortable handling

The ergonomic design of the Sunlu SL-300 3D pen makes it easy to use. Especially for larger projects and longer work you will appreciate the good handling. This 3D pen feels great in your hand!


Fast heating of the filament

Thanks to the very fast heating of the filament, you get started very quickly with your first 3D drawing. After about 45 seconds you are ready to start 3D drawing.


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