eco system wematter

Complete 3D printing system with SLS Wematter Gravity technology made in Sweden, with an impressive print chamber volume / construction: over 300 x 300 x 360 mm, and has a production speed – 12 mm per hour, precision – 0.1 mm.

Available on the Bulgarian market for the first time from 3DBGPRINT EOOD.


Our partner Wematter has developed and manufactured one of the easiest-to-use ecosystems for additive production of functional and durable components. Wematter’s offering consists of both hardware and software products for a complete SLS platform for easy and affordable 3D printing.

The Swedish company Wematter has the know-how for materials and the printing process to provide its customers with customized solutions for their needs. The specialized SLS printing system consists of the following products and services:

  1. Gravity – SLS 3D printer
  2. Deep Space – Cloud software
  3. Density – Water-jet cleaning cabinet
  4. Inertia – Powder collector
  5. Aurora – PA11, PA12 / TPU / PP – Printing powder
  6. Option to order a custom Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printer.