Terms of Substitution

To have a product purchased from our platform replaced with another, you need to fill in the Substitution Form.

You may return the product within 30 days after receipt. Once we receive information about the substitution you request, we shall contact you immediately to clarify the details.

The products you return should be intact, in their original packaging and not having been used.

For our regular customers the conditions for return and substitution are subject to negotiations.

Press HERE to download the Return Form

Please, send the form to the following address: office@3dbgprint.com 

Terms of Substitution

  1. The customer shall have the right, within 30 days of receipt of the product, to have it replaced with another one. To that end the customer must notify 3DBGPRINT EOOD about his or her intention by filling in a form for return and substitution. The customer must specify the product, which he or she returns, as well as the one that he or she wants it replaced with.
  2. 3DBGPRINT EOOD shall not make any substitution of products without a duly filled in form and before having received the product that the customer wants to be replaced.
  3. 3DBGPRINT EOOD shall replace only products that are available and/or available in the producer’s warehouse.
  4. In case the substitution cannot be effected, 3DBGPRINT EOOD undertakes to inform the customer about this.
  5. The customer shall bear the costs of return and substitution.
  6. If the product is available, the substitution may take place also in 3DBGPRINT EOOD office.
  7. The returned products must be intact, in their original packaging and must not have been used. In case 3DBGPRINT EOOD finds a violation, it shall preserve the right to refuse substitution.