PLA Wood Add: North


PLA Wood – Add: North,  in light oak color
Genuine wooden finish
Woody scent
Easy to use


Brands (manufacturers):  Add: North
Weight:  500 g
Diameter:  1,75 mm
Kind of product:  PLA Wood
Color:  Light Oak
Biodegradable:   Yes
Natural fibers:  Yes
Net Weight:  500 g
Working temperature:  200-230 °C
Heating plate temperature:  No (or up to 60 °C)


Our PLA Wood is a blend that contains 40% wood fibres and 60% biobased PLA. The finished print smells, feels and looks like wood, and is very easy to post-process with a fine sandpaper for excellent results.

You might get the feeling that you enter a wood workshop instead of your printer room while printing this material. Made in Sweden – Add: North, it is one of the most sustainable filaments out there.

PLA Wood is super easy to print and there is almost no shrinkage at all, so no need for extra bed adhesion. There is also no requirement for any special nozzle, it works just fine in a standard brass nozzle. Please see our print guide for further instructions.


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