Magigoo 3D Glue Stick for PP


Magigoo 3D PP
Adhesive Magigoo PP is intended for use with polypropylene filaments.
This type of PP adhesive is chemically resistant and therefore ideal for use in food and medical packaging.
3D adhesive is for professional use, the part is easily removed after cooling the table in one go.

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Everything you need to print the detail you want.


How to use Magigoo 3D glue for PP:

Contents: 50 ml.

Magigoo 3D PP adhesive is specifically designed for various types of PP filaments.

It is intended for professional use with polypropylene filaments.

Properties of Magigoo 3D PP Adhesive:

Polypropylene (PP) has the following properties. Thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer, which exhibits good impact resistance and good plasticity.

  • Use: Shake well, press and place on table.
  • Print as recommended by the filament or printer manufacturer.
  • Easy removal of the parts after the table has cooled, if the workpiece is difficult to remove, use a spatula.
  • Cleaning – can be done with a moist hard sponge, after wetting the table a white layer is formed, which is easily removed with a damp or dry cloth.


For larger details, it is recommended that a 20 mm wide glue edge be applied.
In case of excessive adhesion it is recommended to moisten the mass with a little water.

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