Magigoo 3D Glue Stick for PC


Magigoo 3D Adhesive PC
Magigoo is intended for use with polycarbonate filaments.
The 3D adhesive is for professional use and ensures that the parts adhere firmly to the hot mass and the workpiece is easily removed after cooling. This unique mechanism means that no tools are needed to remove the workpiece from the table.

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Everything you need to print the detail you want.


How to use Magigoo 3D glue for PC:

Contents: 50 ml.

Magigoo PC is designed to work with various brands of PC filaments.

Because the composition of each 3D material is different plastic, the ideal settings for Magigoo PC may vary.

Properties of Magigoo 3D Adhesive for PC:

The strength and durability of Magigoo PC make it the ideal FDM material for the production of functional prototypes as well as for end use.

  • Easy to use: Shake, press and place on table.
  • Print as recommended by the filament or printer manufacturer.
  • Easy removal of parts after table cooling.
  • The cleaning process is easy – with a (damp cloth).


For larger details, it is recommended that a 20 mm wide glue edge be applied.
In case of excessive adhesion it is recommended to moisten the mass with a little water.

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