Magigoo 3D Glue PA


Magigoo 3D PA adhesive stick

Magigoo PA is specially developed for various types of nylon.

Designed for professional use and use with polyamide filaments.

The workpiece should be easy to remove because Magigoo has improved adhesion after cooling the mass in one go.

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Everything you need to print the detail you want.


How to use Magigoo 3D Stick Adhesive for PA:

Contents: 50 ml.

Magigoo 3D PA Adhesive is designed for nylon threads that are challenging for FDM printers due to their lower adhesion to 3D printing surfaces and their higher deformation tendency. There are several classes of PA filaments that behave differently. Magigoo is a special FDM printing solution for PA threads that has been developed for different types of PA.

Properties of Magigoo 3D Stick Adhesive for PA:

Magigoo PA, represents the FDM industry and has three main types of PA, including PA12, PA66 and PA6. These materials can be combined with other polymers or reinforced with glass. Nylons have high strength, strength, elasticity, wear resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

  • Use: Shake, press and place on table.
  • Print as recommended by the filament or printer manufacturer.
  • Easy removal of parts after table cooling.
  • The cleaning process is easy – with a (damp cloth).


Using Magigoo PA with filaments other than PA can lead to excessive adhesion and damage to the mass.

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