FILLAMENTUM PLA Vertigo Chocolate


Precision PLA filament in brown
Easy to print
High precision machining
Suitable for FDM 3D printer


Vertigo Chocolate” is a color from the original concept of the Vertigo Trend founded at the beginning of 2017 with the first released Vertigo Grey #VertigoOriginal

Brands (manufacturers):  Fillamentum
Weight:  750 g of filament + 230 g spool
Diameter:  1,75 mm, 2,85 mm
Kind of product:  Vertigo Chocolate
Color:  Brоwn Chocolate
RAL color:  N/A
Pantone color:  N/A
Net Weight:  750 g
Working temperature:  190 – 210 ° С
Heating plate temperature:  It is not reqired


  • “Fillamentum” is a leading company that produces high quality 3D printing materials.
  • PLA Vertigo Chocolate is glare, easy to use and features high quality printing. Suitable for complex details with excellent laminating of the printed object
  • PLA Vertigo Chocolate is with improved thermal resistance over standard PLA filaments.
  • It is not abrasive.
  • Tensile resistant.
  • High chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Biodegradable by composting.
  • Fillamentum guarantees a high accuracy of material consumption of +/- 0.05 mm., which is strictly controlled throughout the production process.
  • Variety of colors matching the RAL and Pantone color graphics.

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