Fillamentum CPE HG100 Pistachio Green


High-tech CPE filament in green color
Easy to print
High-precision machining
Excellent impact resistance
Suitable for FDM 3D printer


Always use 3D Glue  for ideal bed adhesion! Because of great adhesion to other materials, plastics, composites and glass, it can damage your bed without adhesive.

Brands (manufacturers):  Fillamentum
Weight:  750 g
Diameter:  1,75 mm, 2,85 mm
Kind of product:  CPE HG100 Filament
Color:  Green
RAL color:  N/A
Pantone color:  N/A
Net Weight:  750 g
Working temperature:  255 – 275 °C
Heating plate temperature:  70 – 85 °C



  • Fillamentum is a leading company that produces high quality 3D printing materials.
  • CPE (co-polyester) is a high-tech material for 3D printing technology, also known as FDM
  • Durable, tough, long life of the material
  • High extensibility, flexibility and high rigidity.
  • Resistant to high temperature influences
  • Possibility for priming and painting
  • Guarantee for high quality of the printed object with good functional properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Odorless and volatile when printed
  • Filamentum guarantees high accuracy in the production process. The diameter of the threads is in the range +/- 0.05 mm, which is strictly controlled during the production process.
  • A variety of colors corresponding to the color graphics RAL and Pantone.

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