Benefits with Aurora material

Strong & flexible prints

SLS 3D prints that are both strong and flexible. Our process and our material create some unique 3D prints that can be bent, go back to their original shape, and do not break into thousands of small pieces.

  • Complex geometries
  • UV-resistant
  • Incredibly strong
  • Can be ordered in black or white
sls_printed_part Wematter
powder_cartridge Wematter

Unique container for a powder free office

The absolute biggest disadvantage of a powder bed 3D-printer (SLS) is the powder handling. We at Wematter have solved this with a very simple solution where you refill powder with our patented powder packaging. Pick up the package, place in the opening and turn it around. It couldn’t be easier.

Material Specifications

Design requirements


Minimum wall thickness – 0.8 mm, but living hinges are possible at 0.5 mm

Minimum details –  0.25 mm

Accuracy – ± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.2 mm)

Maximum size – 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Clearance – 0.3 mm (recommended 0.5 mm)

Interlocking or enclosed parts – Yes

Color options

Consult us for color clarification if needed.


  • Aurora  Arctic White
  • Aurora Charcoal Grey
  • Aurora Pure Black

Common applications

Components 3D printed with SLS technology can be used in a number of different areas. 

  • Prototypes
  • Functional parts
  • Small complex parts
  • Parts for the automotive industry
  • Medical supplies
  • Pipelines and fittings for water pipes
  • Industrial components
  • automotive industry
  • healthcare
  • aviation industry

Powder container


Weight – 2,5 kg

Size  – 10 х 54 сm

Storage temperature – 25 ℃ ± 10 ℃

Packaging material – Картон, хартия и дърво

Cardboard, paper and wood – Yes

Locking mechanism –Sealed lid with patented refill interface

Mechanical properties

Our most common material, Aurora PA11 has superior mechanical performance compared to polymers such as polyamide 12 which are widely used for freeform production.

PA11 PA12 Aurora

3D-prints that last

In order to truly demonstrate the strength of our prints, we have let one of our employees hang freely in a 3D-printed chain made by us in Aurora material in the video below.

Our materials

Aurora PA11

Aurora PA11 is a Polyamide 11 based material made from 100 % bio-based substances which are used primarily in industrial applications. The material is a sustainable thermoplastic polymer that produces strong UV-stable prints, well suited for technical end-products.

Aurora PA11 has superior mechanical performance compared to polymers such as Polyamide 12 widely used in rapid prototyping. It also meets the USP Class VI requirements for medical applications.


Why choose Aurora PA11

Main benefits

  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Low risk of sink marks
  • Low water uptake
  • Flexible
  • High strength
  • Salt water resistant

Application areas

  • Functional prototypes
  • Functional parts
  • Housings
  • Mounts
  • Gears
  • Small complex parts

Aurora PA12

Wematter Aurora PA12

Polyamid 12 (PA12) is a material well suited for manufacturing of functional prototypes, manufacturing of individual units as well as serial parts.

Aurora PA12 has excellent resistance to greases, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, water, alkalis, and salt solutions as well as many solvents. It also has very good stress cracking resistance even in the presence of chemicals as well as damping of noise and vibration.

Why choose Aurora PA12

Main benefits

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Nice surface finish
  • Excellent recyclability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent surface resolution and feature detail

Application areas

  • Functional testing and functional prototypes
  • Parts for the automobile industry
  • Medical supplies
  • Pipelines and fittings for water mains
  • Industrial components
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