Adura™ Add: North – Cold White


Adura™ – Add: North, in Cold White color

Easy to print nylon filament
Optimal for high-strength and functional 3D-printed parts
Supreme layer bonding filament


Brands (manufacturers):  Add: North
Weight:  500 g
Diameter:  1,75 mm
Kind of product:


Color:  Cold White
Biodegradable:   Yes
Print temperature:  245-270 °C
Net Weight:  500 g
Working temperature:  110°C
Heating plate temperature:  50 °C


Adura™ is a high-performance Nylon filament made from co-polyamide with high printability, low shrinkage and extreme toughness.

This material is excellent for high-strength, functional 3D-printed parts. It has superior strength and physical attributes when compared to consumer-grade materials, which makes it the preferred choice for many industrial applications.

Adura™’s very low shrinkage allows for printing with very tight tolerances and accuracy. The excellent layer bonding, medium flexibility and good chemical and heat resistance makes it a very useful material for demanding applications.

  •  Recommended slicer settings in Cura, Simplify 3D and PrusaSlicer.

Adura™, together with all our other filaments, are made in Sweden and have a diameter tolerance of ±0.025mm.

Adura™ is available in 500g spool sizes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter.

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