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3DSimo Basic is a unique wireless 3D pen.
If you have imagination or just want to make a figurine, this is what you need.
If you want to grow your child’s imagination, have fun together and create at the same time …
3D pen melts the plastic (filaments) that instantly stiffens in a solid and stable shape, you create a 3D motion in one go.
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the colors you have!
The 3D pen is safe to use at home and does not harm your health!

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Package weight:  420 gr
Package size:  330 x 210 x 80 mm
Power supply :  built-in battery in the device
Battery life:  90-120 minutes
Charging time:  40 min
Voltage:  5V
Capacity:  750mAh
Color:  red / blue
Length:  3x 5 m, 15 m total
Diameter:  1.75 mm
The battery is an optional accessory for 3Dsimo basic:


3DSimo Basic is a wireless 3D pen that lets you draw for up to 3 hours without charging; Control is intuitive with 3 buttons. 3Dsimo basic uses absolutely safe PCL materials. Rich selection of materials and colors, incl. metal and luminous. The set includes many ready-made drawing templates!

Suitable for children 8+
Package Contents: 1 x 3DSimo basic, 1 x battery, 1x USB cable 1.5m to charge the battery, 2 x material pack, 1 x 24-project book

Filaments to create your 3D fantasies.

  • PCL is a biodegradable material that is environmentally friendly
  • The PCL filament is packed in a tube containing 48 3D filaments
  • Special – PCL Filament (PCL Metal, PCL Luminous)
  • PCL – Metal 
  • PCL – 3D material that has gray glare and creates the feeling of true metal.
  • PCL – This type of 3D material is much more durable
  • PCL – Luminous
  • PCL – 3D material that can shine in different colors. Just leave it in the sun or under a lamp for a while and it can light up your entire room

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