3DSimo mini 2 is a small workshop in the palm of your hand!
Create 3D models, jewelry, decorations, drawings, accessories and more.
If you wish, the 3DSimo mini 2 can be a great pleasure for you to become a hobby … The 3D pen gives you the opportunity to develop your children’s imagination, have fun together and create at the same time as 3D drawing, soldering, cutting, burning – all in one!
The 3D pen is safe to use at home and does not harm your health!


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Package weight:  445 gr
Package size:  230 x 155 x 60 mm
Power supply :  5V USB Adapter 2.4 A
Voltage:  5V
Mobile app connection:  (IOS, Android)
Update option:  FW
Color:  White / Black
Length:  3 x 5 m, 15 m total
Diameter:  1.75 mm


3DSIMO mini 2 is a 3D pen that allows you to draw, solder, burn, cut, (on wood, leather objects and more).

Working with the 3D model, to processing the 3D details.

Automatic recognition of plug-ins (user-friendly solution).

Recommended age: 12-14

Package Contents: 1 x 3DSimo mini, 1 x 3D Drawing Plug, 1 x Soldering Iron Plug, 1 x Glow Plug, 1 x Cutting Plug, USB Cable 1.5m, User’s Guide, and Small Accessories.

Rich selection of materials and colors that are predefined, incl. metal and luminous.
The set includes many ready-made drawing templates!

The 3DSimo mini advanced kit is perfect for a Christmas, birthday or surprise gift 🙂

Filaments to create your own 3D ideas.

  • ABS: Suitable for painting in the air
  • PLA: Eco-friendly maize starch material
  • Special filaments
  • FLUORESCENT: Glows in the dark
  • TERMOCHOME: Changes color with temperature change
  • METAL: Contains metallic powder and creates true metal
  • WOOD: Contains wood dust
  • HIPS: Lightweight aircraft modeling material
  • MARBLE: Imitates marble

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