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Fillamentum – Nylon AF80


Good interlayer adhesion
Smooth surface
Tribological properties
Higher tensile strength
Heat resistance
Low density
Impact resistance
Environmentally friendly

3D ASA-S Filament Kimya


The ASA-S Kimya 3D Filament is ideal for all outdoors applications thanks to these features : 
Good weither resistance
UV resistance

PETG-S Kimya 3D Filament


The PETG-S Kimya 3D Filament offers the perfect balance of flexibility and strength.
No smell
High flexibility
Resistance to impact
Food contact compliant

CPE CF112 Carbon


High-tech filament CPE CF112 Carbon in black color
Easy to print
Matte finish
Chemical resistance
Its hardness is comparable to vinyl 303

Fillamentum PP POLYPROPYLENE 2320


Polypropylene PP 2320 is a high-tech filament
Electrical insulator
Thermal resistance up to 100 °C, withstands contact with hot water
Low moisture and water absorption
Good impact resistance
Weather resistance