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PolyLite™ PLA-CF


PolyTerra™ PLA, in Black color 

Is a carbon fiber reinforced PLA.
Good hardness
Good mechanical properties

Fillamentum HIPS Natural


Good water resistance even at higher temperatures
High impact resistance
Exceptional dielectric strength (it can withstand electrical breakdown)
Temperature resistance up to 95 °C
High interlayer adhesion
Matte surface finish
Suitable for FDM 3D printer

Adura™ X Add: North – Black

Adura™ X – Add: North, in Black color

Carbon fiber-reinforced Nylon
Strong prints for high performance environments
Unique surface finish (hides layer lines)

Adura™ Add: North – Black


Adura™ – Add: North, in Black color

Easy to print nylon filament
Optimal for high-strength and functional 3D-printed parts
Supreme layer bonding filament