Dual extruder 3D printer designed for industrial applications.

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  • INDUSTRY F350, has interchangeable modules, large high temperature printing chamber
  • 3DGence INDUSTRY F350 has an incomparable speed – printing up to 400 mm / s and a stroke of 1000 mm / s
  • Heated printing chamber – F350 is equipped with an actively heated construction chamber.
  • Versatility – Print high quality and engineering materials on one machine.
3DGence F420

M280 module

  • temperature
    Print temperature:


  • nozzle
    Nozzle diameter:

    0.5 mm /0.5 mm

  • filament
    Model materials:

    PLA, ABS, ASA, PP, PA6/69

    Support materials:
    ESM-10 (soluble)

3DGence F420

M360 module

  • temperature
    Print temperature:


  • nozzle
    Nozzle diameter:

    0.4 mm /0.4 mm

  • filament
    Model materials:

    PC, ULTEM™ filament

    Support materials:
    ESM-10 (soluble)

3dgence F420

M500 module

  • temperature
    Print temperature:


  • nozzle
    Nozzle diameter:

    0.4 mm /0.4 mm

  • filament
    Model materials:


    Support materials:
    ESM-10 (soluble)

Архитектура f350


3D printed architectural layout

3D printers are also used to create spatial architectural models of buildings to reduce costs and time at the schematic design stage.

колектор f350


Automobile parts

Creating a 3D model of the collector in real size, using 3D printing technology, as well as reducing costs during the preparation of the prototype.



Education and Science – Student Research Group

The 3D printout was used to study the structural topology of the steering wheel. The project is designed to reduce the weight and increase the hardness of the element.

медицина f350


3D printing of the anatomical model of the skull

3D printing is increasingly used in medicine and allows detailed planning of operations.

Only FDM technology makes it possible to produce anatomical models with a limited budget and in a short time.



3D printing in the aviation industry with PEEK

Thanks to its excellent mechanical strength and thermal efficiency, PEEK is the perfect material for drone parts, 3D printing of prototype parts for aircraft and more.

3DGence F420
3DGence F420

Change the module and use one 3D printer

Modular system used in the 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 and INDUSTRY F350 is a practical and cost-effective solution. 3DGence modular system is unique in the industrial 3D printers segment. The possibility of using three different modules in one 3D printer allows you to produce repeatable models from the widest range of filaments.
3DGence F420
3DGence F420

Productivity - high speed

Achieve the best results with unmatched speed on INDUSTRY F350. 

The advanced kinematic system enables print speeds up to 400 mm/s and travel move of 1000 mm/sall while ensuring top-standard results.

Печатна камера
Печатна камера

Heated printing chamber

F350 is equipped with actively heated build chamber, for optimum printing conditions. 

The combination of the heated build chamber, appropriate extrusion temperatures, and heated material chamber, ensures that the prints made of high-performance polymers like PC or PEEK are always of best possible quality.

Камера с отопляем материал
Камера с отопляем материал

Heated material chamber

Proper filaments handling ensures the best results. Keep your materials always dry and ready to print.
Materials are kept in a stable environment due to the heated materials chamber. Humidity for the loaded materials will be reduced regardless of the 3D printer’s operational status thanks to the active chamber heating system.
Разходна ефективност
Разходна ефективност


Best in class total cost of ownership 

Benefit from the best price to volume ratio among the industrial-grade 3D printers with 3DGence INDUSTRY line. Save time and money during the full lifetime of your industrial 3D printer. 

Габарити и Тегло

Size and weight

Printer: 1825 x 960 x 940 mm

Shipping weight: 335 kg



Ambient operating temperature:18-30°C

Storage temperature: -20-54°C



Power requirements: 230V

Maximum power: 3300 W

Average power: 2800 W
Connectivity: ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi



Printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Print volume: 340 x 340 x 350 mm
Nozzles: 2 pieces + system for blowing the print head

Printhead temperature: 500˚C
Platform temperature: 160˚C
Print chamber temperature (max.): 130 ° C (active heating)
Incandescent chamber temperature: 50˚C
Material size: 1.75 mm

Current materials portfolio –  PEEK, PA6, PA-CF, PC, ABS, ASA and PLA



Construction: steel
External construction: steel and vacuum ABS, chamber lined with stainless steel
XY positioning accuracy: 0.006 mm
Z positioning accuracy: 0.0007 mm

Speed: 1000 mm / sec / 400 mm / sec



Cutting software: 3DGence SLICER 4.0

Compatible file types: .stl, .obj

Services: 3DGence CLOUD
Host platform: Windows, macOS

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