Einscan HX Reverse Engineering Design Bundle

3D Scanner - EinScan-HX

EinScan HX has 2 scan modes for different applications

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    • 3D Scanner with applications in each area.
    • Easy to use, flexible, no experience in 3D scanning.
    • The 3D scanner is a hybrid laser and LED light source of a handheld 3D scanner, making it compatible with a wider range of object sizes.
    • High efficiency and reliable results allow the EinScan HX more application options.


    Type of training

    Primary, secondary and secondary school, K12 education, training in 3D design



    EinScan HX in mining and heavy industrial equipment

    The use of EinScan HX together with Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge enables fast, efficient and cost-effective engineering and product design.



    Measurement and verification process

    For this measurement process, the mold factory chose a handheld 3D scanner EinScan HX with double blue light. Thanks to the integration of blue laser and blue LED light source in one device, EinScan HX is compatible with various applications



    High quality 3D design

    3D printing / 3D printing applications

    Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light
    Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light

    Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light

    Innovatively integrated with dual blue LED light and blue laser light, which improves scanning material adaptability with less limitations for a wider range of applications. LED light scanning allows rapid 3D scanning, while laser scanning, which is less sensitive to ambient light, gives better performance to reflective and dark color surface.
    Reliable Results
    Reliable Results

    Reliable Results

    The high resolution and accuracy meet the needs of most industrial applications for reverse engineering and measuring.

    Minimum point distance 0.05 mm Accuracy up to 0.04 mm under Laser Scan

    High Efficiency
    High Efficiency

    High Efficiency

    Processing speed of EinScan HX under Rapid Scan Mode is up to 1,200,000 points/s, and multiple blue laser lines under Laser Scan Mode makes scanning of most objects in minutes for use in reverse engineering, CAD/CAM, and 3D printing.
    Portable & Easy Operation
    Portable & Easy Operation

    Portable & Easy Operation

    EinScan HX is plug and play with user friendly software, which is easy to operate, no matter if you are new or have professional experience in 3D scanning. The portability and flexibility of the EinScan HX has been considered when creating its ergonomic design for a more efficient and comfortable scanning experience.
    Full Color
    Full Color

    Full Color

    With a built-in color camera, full color texture capturing and tracking by texture are supported.
    speed scan

    Scan speed

    Scan speed:

    1,200,000 points / s 20FPS;

    480,000 points / s 55 frames per second

    Working distance: 470 mm

    Depth: 200 mm – 700 mm; 350mm – 610mm

    Max FOV: 420 mm * 440 mm; 380 mm * 400 mm

    Exact distance: 0.25 mm-3 mm; 0.05 mm-3 mm

    механична час скенер


    Single frame accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm; Up to 0.04 mm

    Volume accuracy *: 0.05 + 0.1 mm / m; 0.04 + 0.06 mm / m

    Working distance: 470 mm

    Camera frame rate: 55 frames per second

    Light source: Blue LED; 7 Blue Laser Crosses

    Built-in color camera: Yes

    Operating temperature range: 0-40 ℃

    Operating humidity range: 10-90%

    софтуер скенер


    Software: EXSCAN PRO / Plug and play

    OS: Win10,64 bits

    High compatibility: OBJ; STL; ASC; PLY; P3; 3MF

    RAM: 4G

    Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC

    размери и тегло скенер

    Dimensions and weight

    Scanner weight: 710 g.

    Size: 108 × 110 × 237 mm

    Електроника скенер

    Power supply

    Recommended configuration: Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX / RTX series cards, higher than or equal to GTX 1080 ; Video memory: ≥4G; Processor: I7-8700

    Connectivity: USB 3.0

    Doc's & Software

    3D Скенер EinScan-HX

    Here’s how you can use the 3D scanner – EinScan-HX