Myriwell 3D pen


Myriwell 3D pen
The Myriwell 3D pen is a great tool for beginners and enthusiasts who want to
venture into the world of 3D modelling.

Features :
Compact and lightweight design, comfortable to hold and draw
Compatible with PLA and ABS filaments with 1.75mm diameter.LED
Intuitive buttons to control functions
LCD display


Printing technology: FDM
Consumables: ABS and PLA 1.75mm diameter
Extrusion speed: adjustable
Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
Filament temperature: ABS 230°C and PLA 170°C
Heating temperature: 160-210°C
Weight per set: 0.4kg

Take your imagination in hand!
If you can doodle or highlight then you can draw with the 3D pen.
The possibilities are limited by your imagination and the colors at your disposal!
Compact and easy to use – the 3D pen melts plastic that instantly freezes into a
solid and stable shape.
The 3D pen is safe to use at home and does not harm your health!

A few tips for using the Myriwell 3D pen:
Heat the nozzle before inserting the filament.
Use a flat and smooth surface to work on.
Practice drawing simple shapes before moving on to more complex patterns.
Clean the nozzle after each use.


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