Industrial – 3D INDUSTRY F340

Industrial – 3D INDUSTRY F340  – Powerful industrial 3D printer, perfect for your needs

The interchangeable modules allow you to customize your machine to suit your needs perfectly. 3D INDUSTRY F340 is constantly adapting to new requirements and thus enables the use of the system with new and different materials. Thanks to its dual nozzle, it is suitable for work with a range of functional materials, including high grade thermoplastic PEEK.

What sets INDUSTRY F340 apart from all other similar machines available on the market is its capacity to effortlessly create high quality, very accurate and detailed prints with any material consistent with its range. Besides, this powerful device has a patented extruder with a module design.


Printing technology: FDM

Printer dimensions: 945 × 748 × 950 mm

Weight: 140 kg

Ambient operating temperature: 15-32°C

Input / output: 240V АC – 11A 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption:  max. 2700 W

Connectivity: USB, SD card

Print volume: 260 × 300 × 340 mm

Layer resolution: 150 – 250 microns

Nozzles: 2

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 / 0.4 mm

Material diameter: 1.75 mm

Model material: ABS, PLA, PET,PP, ASA, Nylon, BVOH, HIPS, PC, PC-ABS, PC-ESD, Breakaway, PEEK Support materials: BVOH, HIPS, Breakaway

Compatibility: PLA/PP + BVOH, ABS/PET/ASA/ PP + HIPS, PC/PC-ABS/PC-ESD/PEEK + breakaway

Nozzle temperature: 190 – 500 ° C

Bed temperature: 140 – 160 ° C

Temperature of the heated chamber (max.): 70°C

Temperature of the printing chamber (max.): 85°C

Construction: power coated steel

Plate:  ceramic

XY positioning precision: 6 microns

Z positioning precision: 0.4 microns


Multi-material / Three interchangeable printing modules – the device can use most of the filaments available on the market. These range from standard materials such as PLA, to high temperature thermoplastics including PEEK. The multi-material capability of the F340 is a matter of simply swapping the extruder modules which is fast and intuitive. 3D INDUSTRY F340 features the option to use three different variants of the interchangeable modules PRO, HT and HTmax each specifically designed for a particular range of filaments. This allows users to select the suitable module for each project.

Controlled printing environment – the printing chamber is actively heating using heating fans, and the temperature can be easily controlled using the intuitive touch screen interface. This is a vital feature when printing with high temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK. Even when working with other materials, the temperature stability and degree of control are important and lead to enhanced prints and dimensional stability.  Furthermore, large industrial grade air filters protect the operating environment outside of the printer from fumes or odours that might be produced during 3D printing.

Smart Material Management / The smart material management on the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is a set of intelligent features constantly running on the printer’s processor. This includes recognising the material being fed into the printer using an NFC tag reader, the printer then uses the specific pre-set settings for that material from the certified material base (a library of materials and their printing parameters which have been tried and tested successfully by the manufacturer) stored inside the printer’s memory.

Material flow (system) control: a significant feature of the system which continuously monitors the flow of the material being extruded during the printing process. This feature reduces the chances of failed prints by pausing the printing process when the system detects a deficiency in material feed.

Heated material chamber: the feature which allows the preservation of the materials being printed in a heated environment. Having a heated material chamber will reduce the moisture effect on the material and further improve the quality of the prints. This feature can also remove the need for pre-printing preparation of materials – such as separate drying.

Exceptional strength and reliability: In terms of hardware components, 3D INDUSTRY F340 is made in compliance with the industrial standards but also offers attractive designer features. The device has an exceptionally strong frame which is helpful in printing and also ensures low vibrations, precision of movements, and greater accuracy of dimensions.

Thanks to its four core components – the interchangeable printing modules, the controlled printing environment, the smart material management and the heated material chamber, 3D INDUSTRY F340 is careful designed in mechanical and electronic terms, and in general, a well built machine. All this guarantees to potential users that F340 will meet any needs they may have of a powerful printing machine, including usability and remarkable printing details.

Regardless of whether your company needs a 3D printing solution in PEEK or not, 3D F340 deserves to be its first choice among the ranks of the professional 3D printers, which will become an indispensable part of your team!

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