Liquid Crystal Pro

Designed to print large, high-resolution objects at a twice lower price than other 3D printers in their class.

With a total print volume of 470x240x340 mm


Liquid Crystal Display

LCD specification: 3840 x 2160

Integral to the printer is the unmodified Ultra High Definition LCD panel used to cure the resin.

Whilst the XY pixel size of 137 microns gives accuracy and fine detail, the high brightness and high contrast also contributes to building faithful representations of your 3D models.


Large Print Plate

The Print Plate is made from an aluminium tooling plate to ensure flatness and resistance to corrosion.

Perforated, it allows resin to flow and with its roughened finish it ensures a good print adhesion.


Durable Vat System

The skin of the vat is 100 micron FEP film with a flexible, non-stick surface to ensure a good release of the printed part from the screen.

Being thick and durable, it’ll last for days of printing and it’s two Neoprene gaskets ensure the vat is totally sealed.

To guarantee performance consistency, the vat film and gaskets can be replaced as necessary for your hundreds of prints.


Strong & reliable drive units

There are two maintenance-free drive units featured in the Liquid Crystal Pro.

Using 2mm pitch lead-screws and anti-backlash lead-nuts for precise, they deliver repeatable positioning.

Combined with the extruded rail profile preventing misalignment, they both provide twice the lifting power of the Liquid Crystal HR.

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