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Skin safe daylight precision firm new!

153.00 лв. excl. VAT

Skin safe daylight precision firm

Looking to print things to wear or get younger people more engaged with 3D printing? Our skin safe resin is the way forward. Specially created to ensure that the liquid components do not cause irritation to skin. Solid parts will be rigid, whilst thinner allowing some degree of manipulation before breaking. Ideal for the education market.

Daylight Precision Castаble

176.00 лв. excl. VAT


For creating highly accurate jewellery parts for investment casting, use our Cast resin. Printed parts display high accuracy and detail which shows in the smooth, crisp finish on the cast parts. Virtually no ash or residue, no expansion, and highly detailed parts can be obtained using Cast.

Don’t forget to refer to our casting guidelines for help in casting.

Daylight Precision Model Resin

153.00 лв. excl. VAT


Easy to paint with a smooth finish prints, are readily attainable using our Precision Model resin. Developed for producing highly detailed prints, low visibility of layer lines and with an ultimate dry touch and smooth finish allows users to easily paint any piece.

Daylight Precision Dental Model

211.00 лв. excl. VAT


Accurate, high resolution models especially for dental work can be created using Dental Model resin. Ideal for Orthodontic, study, and working models and created in collaboration with Dental Technologists to ensure optimal colour, feel and working characteristics.

Daylight Precision Hard white

176.00 лв. excl. VAT


Glass-like prints with a crisp finish are obtained when using Our Hard 3D Resin. Prints will retain their shape under stretch and compression whilst displaying a high stiffness and high hardness. When using Our Hard Resin you will 3D print objects that behave like commercial ABS.

Daylight PRO HARD Black

599.00 лв. excl. VAT

Daylight PRO HARD Black

Pro Hard daylight polymers are ideal for making large scale objects where you want a very hard object with no compressive ability under high force. It exhibits only minimal shrinkage. Objects will not bend or deflect when under duress. They exhibit very high tensile shear properties and almost no elongation. Daylight Hard provides excellent imaging in Liquid Crystal printers. You will experience the benefits of fast exposure times and a wide exposure latitude, allowing you to hold the finest details your machine can provide. The solid material is tough, durable and long lasting provided it is stored in dry conditions away from UV light. Key benefits include large hard and durable parts with a smooth surface finish. These parts are easy to use and finish.

Daylight Precision Concept green

176.00 лв. excl. VAT


Bring your jewellery and model figurines to life with Concept. Print perfect jewellery prototypes or detailed figurines with high strength, durability, and most importantly high accuracy with finished smooth surfaces.

Jewellery prints can be shown as is or easily painted by airbrush. For painting models, we recommend printing in Precision Model resin for the best paint results, using Concept resin for purely illustrating high detail.


Daylight Precision Mould blue

176.00 лв. excl. VAT


Ideal for the creation of high resolution silicone rubber moulds, we have Mould resin. Parts can withstand the temperatures (up to 180°C) and pressure required for vulcanisation. Along with this the parts show great strength, smooth surfaces, and highly accurate prints.

Daylight Dental Castable smoky

160.00 лв. excl. VAT


Precision Dental Castable is ideal for creating highly accurate castable items such as crowns, bridges and partial denture bases, anything that would previously have used the time consuming waxing procedure to create. This product has been formulated to burn evenly at regularly increasing temperature stages to reduce gas pressure in the cast and provide almost no ash content. It will give almost no expansion upon heating.

Daylight Precision Firm

153.00 лв. excl. VAT


Need some resin to make your items feel more realistic? Our Precision Firm Resin is the way to go. Ideal for creating parts that hold their shape whilst also being able to bend and flex slightly without snapping. This resin produces parts with similar mechanical behaviour to that of Polypropylene.