atum-3d printer

Atum 3D

Accurate. Fast. Versatile.

3D printer with exceptional features that fit a wide range of applications, from single-unit production to mass-produced thousands of parts. Innovative DLP technology offers unprecedented accuracy, speed and economy.

High Speed

Our specifically designed LED light source offers a very high light intensity, which allows DLP Station to reach unprecedented build speeds. Speeds of 90 mm/hour are achievable with many resins.

Consistent Accuracy

DLP Station’s high resolution and exceptional light uniformity leads to consistent results with excellent detail, surface finish and the potential for truly round opening in any direction.

First Your Space

DLP Station has been designed as desktop or standalone model with side-by-side operation of multiple machines in mind, which allows you to easily scale up manufacturing capacity.

Unprecedented Versatility

Depending on your desired application, DLP Station is available in 405 nm and 365 nm versions. Next, you can select the level of accuracy required with a 100, 75 or 50 micron resolution lens.

Use a Wide Range of Materials

The open platform and proprietary tray coating allow many different resins. Tell us your application and desired material properties and we’ll gladly advise you on the best material for the job.

Intuitive and Connected

All consumables are easily switched out to allow efficient continuous operation. Connect to your DLP Station(s) through the large touchscreen interface or use the USB, LAN or Wi-Fi connection options.

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