3D printing glue
Good adhesion to any model with 3D printing on the print table is a must!
Thanks to the adhesives we provide, your model can stay fixed during the printing process and avoid deformation.
The adhesive is aerosol for three-dimensional printers with a heated printing mass, which prevents large objects from distorting.
They are suitable for FDM and FFF printing, including industrial materials.

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3D LAC Stick



High level of fixation
Fast drying
Long lasting
Works on multiple surfaces



Spray adhesive for ease of use and working with different materials.

Extremely fast drying

Easy to apply

Cleaning with water

Good adhesive for ABS, PLA, PETG, etc.



For perfect adhesion to the printing area .

For all materials
Without perfume
High temperature resistance
Reinforced fixing agent



Adhesive for 3D printing of nylon filaments.
This new adhesive offers excellent adhesion and helps to avoid and prevent warping.
Excellent adhesion
Prevention of distortion
Exceptional durability
Improves printing precision

Magigoo 3D Glue PA


Magigoo 3D PA adhesive stick

Magigoo PA is specially developed for various types of nylon.

Designed for professional use and use with polyamide filaments.

The workpiece should be easy to remove because Magigoo has improved adhesion after cooling the mass in one go.

Magigoo 3D Glue Stick for PP


Magigoo 3D PP
Adhesive Magigoo PP is intended for use with polypropylene filaments.
This type of PP adhesive is chemically resistant and therefore ideal for use in food and medical packaging.
3D adhesive is for professional use, the part is easily removed after cooling the table in one go.

Magigoo 3D Glue Stick for PC


Magigoo 3D Adhesive PC
Magigoo is intended for use with polycarbonate filaments.
The 3D adhesive is for professional use and ensures that the parts adhere firmly to the hot mass and the workpiece is easily removed after cooling. This unique mechanism means that no tools are needed to remove the workpiece from the table.

3D adhesive DimaFix


DimaFix is extremely useful and makes it easy for you to work with 3D printing.
It provides a strong bond between the first layer and the printing mass when heated above 60 ° C, has a very good adhesion and is suitable for many materials.
Easy to use and comfortable in your hand, easy to apply in one go.

Magigoo 3D glue


Magigoo 3D glue
Magigoo Adhesive is designed to adhere to the table firmly the first printed layer of your workpiece.
Prevents separation, facilitates printing, and removes the printed part.
Easy to use 3D glue that is suitable for various types of materials and printing with FDM technology.