Liquid Crystal PRO

Liquid Crystal PRO

A new generation 3D printer, suitable for precise details, used in dental medicine, jewellery making, and in many other areas

LCD panel with high resolution providing remarkable accuracy.



Technology: Daylight Polymer Printing

3D printer size: 82x49x74 cm  (W) x (D) x (H)

Build volume: 470x240x340 mm

Weight: 66 kg

LCD screen specifications: 23.8” (3840x2160px)

XY pixel density: 137 microns

Layer resolution: 50, 100 microns

Connectivity: USB, Display Port

Hardening speed at 100 microns: 50-100 sec / layer (depending on the resin)
Power: 100–240 V
Software: Photocentric Studio


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