Magigoo 3D glue


Magigoo 3D glue
Magigoo Adhesive is designed to adhere to the table firmly the first printed layer of your workpiece.
Prevents separation, facilitates printing, and removes the printed part.
Easy to use 3D glue that is suitable for various types of materials and printing with FDM technology.

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Everything you need to print the detail you want.


How to use Magigoo 3D glue:

Contents: 50 ml
Intended to eliminate the adhesion problem of the first layer of print. Magigoo is an easy-to-apply adhesive, with a slight sliding of the hand onto the surface of the table.

Wait for the print platform to cool down and you can easily peel off the finished printed part with a little pressure.

Properties of Magigoo 3D Adhesive:

  • Magigoo prevents large parts from being distorted while printing.
  • For many materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, ASA, TPU,…
  • Easy to use: Shake, press and apply.
  • Easy removal of parts after table cooling.
  • Magigoo is completely water-soluble, so the cleaning process is easy, with a (damp cloth).
  • Durable: Magigoo can be used more than 100 times + prints.
  • It is odorless and safe for others.

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