Daylight PRO HARD Black


Daylight PRO HARD BlackDaylight PRO HARD Black

Daylight PRO HARD BlackBlack

Pro Hard daylight polymers are ideal for making large scale objects where you want a very hard object with no compressive ability under high force. It exhibits only minimal shrinkage. Objects will not bend or deflect when under duress. They exhibit very high tensile shear properties and almost no elongation. Daylight Hard provides excellent imaging in Liquid Crystal printers. You will experience the benefits of fast exposure times and a wide exposure latitude, allowing you to hold the finest details your machine can provide. The solid material is tough, durable and long lasting provided it is stored in dry conditions away from UV light. Key benefits include large hard and durable parts with a smooth surface finish. These parts are easy to use and finish.


5kg Daylight Pro Hard Resin. Only compatible with the Liquid Crystal Pro printer.

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