3D Printer with resin – PRECISION 1.5 Liquid Crystal

3D Printer with resin – PRECISION 1.5 Liquid Crystal

A new generation 3D printer, suitable fro precise details. It is used in dental medicine, jewellery, education and many other areas.

LCD panel with high resolution guaranteeing its accuracy.

A new and innovative 3D printer using liquid resin!

Precision to the complete perfection of the details!

  • Hype precision with liquid crystal 1.5
  • Super easy to use
  • High quality production of fine details фини детайли
  • Twice as fast and quiet


Technology: Daylight Polymer Printing
Build volume: 121х68х160 mm
3D printer size: 38х35х58 cm (W) x (D) x (H)
Тегло: 15 kg
3D printer control: Interactive 7” touch screen
LCD screen: 5.5” (2560 x 1440 pixels)
XY pixel density: 47 microns
Layer resolution: 25, 50, 100 microns

  • 100 micron insertion speed: 4-11 sec / layer (depending on type)
    The 3D printer prints 100 microns in 4 seconds in the field of dental medicine.

      The 3D printer prints 50 microns in 11 seconds in the field of jewellery making.
      Connectivity: USB
      Power: 100–240 V
Software: Photocentric Studio


  • Option to increase the accuracy of the printer, allowing for greater reliability for printing of large, hard parts and small intricate details.
  • The built-in LCD panel has 2К resolution and provides precise three-dimensional printing with thickness of 25 microns (0.025 mm), and the accuracy of XY is remarkable 47 microns (0.047 mm).
  • Photocentric Studio – similar and easy software which, regardless of whether you are a or a professional.
  • All this with just one software product!
  • A stable and powerful module – it does not need maintenance and allows the device to work with better accuracy. Increased reliability for printing larger and smaller complicated details.
  • Print flow rate – Open and easy to use, Printflow3D was designed to make printing easier and faster. The integrated USB will help you get your files into the device in a matter of seconds and make it ready for use.
  • 7-inch touch screen – capacity for smooth and fast control of the printer and turning its operation into an intuitive ‘child’s game’
  • Disposable system – the printer is supplied with two disposable containers which need a second use and improve the printing performance. The economical price allows you to buy a new container or to renew it when necessary.

Get European quality at a reasonable price with PRECISION 1.5 Liquid Crystal!
It produces twice more precise details and twice as fast and smooth printing process.


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