Fillamentum – Flexfill 98A Traffic Black


Fillamentum – Flexfill 98A Traffic Black

  • Do you want your 3D models to stand out with their elasticity and flexibility?
  • It is time to try Flexfill;
  • Flexfill is an oil-resistant material with unique mechanical properties and excellent adhesion between the layers.
  • If you have a printer with two printheads, you can use Flexfill to add another layer which will make the surface of the objects soft to the touch


Flexfill 98A “Traffic Black”

Technical characteristics:

  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0,1 mm
  • Operating temperature: 200 – 220 ° C
  • Table temperature: 30 – 50 ° C
  • Weight: 500 g fibre (+ 250 g spool)

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