3D Printer with resin – Atum 3D

3D Printer with resin – Atum 3D

The first 3D printer developed in the Netherlands with the DLP technology manufacturing details for direct application;

Remarkable accuracy up to 6 microns;

Open platform: quick and precise printing with liquid resin;

Printing a whole range of components in one single series;

No additional processing of details;

Exceptional cost efficiency and material use efficiency;

Less waste

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Thanks to the DLP technology you must exclude the possibility for production of a large number of objects within very short periods of time, a high degree of readiness for direct exploitation or integration in countries;

The DLP technology is a process based on photopolymer resins reacting with light containing a solid substance with a very precise design and details, providing a very speedy production of objects; Compared with traditional methods, such as the ‘layer by layer’ technique, for example, the DLP technology provides a number of significant advantages; With the DLP technology layers are almost completely merged;

The wide range helps you experiment, print and get perfect results every single time;


  • Unparalleled tolerance levels;
  • Fast printing with high resolution;
  • Low investment and operating costs;
  • Capacity for multiple components printed within the same production series;
  • Capacity for easy replacement of the production plate;
  • High industrial class;
  • Remarkable accuracy up to 6 microns;


  • attachment dimensions: 192 х 250 х 120 mm (W х H х L)
  • Attachment speed: up to 50 mm / h (depending on ejection rate)
  • Light source: LED, fullHD +1920 h 1200px
  • Resolution: up to 6 microns
  • Plate: high chemical resistance, aluminium
  • Control: manual or web
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, WiFi
  • Printer dimensions: 395 х 340 х 870 mm (W х H х L)
  • Power supply: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Weight: 32 kg


  • Automatic creation of support components;
  • One-to-many control type – capacity for control of a few printers in real time;


  • A wide range of resins with different properties;
  • Open printing platform allowing for continuous control of the process;
  • atum 3 D works with the mixed technical parameters of ABS and PU ;
  • Biocompatible resins certified for medical and dental applications and use;


  • Complicated object printing without affecting the price;
  • Less waste; Precise production planning;
  • Low investment / Maximum results;
  • Minimized printing time;
  • Exceptional details and very small objects;
  • Easy modification and redesign, and subsequent processing;
  • Building complex structures with perfect results;
  • Printing light objects with semi-hollow interior;


Services, including:

  • Delivery and installation;
  • Training;
  • Material testing;
  • Helpdesk support;
  • Custom-made objects;


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