The 3D modelling service is separate from the 3D printing service, and the creation of the three-dimensional model does not necessarily mean that it will have to be printed.

If you encounter technical difficulties in the design of your model, we can help by providing services such as modelling, drawing, and preparation for printing;

The creation of the 3D model is the first step in each 3D printing project. We give our customers a model in the form of a finished product which has been created in compliance with their specific requirements;

Three-dimensional models have almost unlimited potential for processing and personalization, which helps us provide our customers with more freedom to shape their ideas. This also enables us to include custom-made messages and elements which transform the models into one-of-a-kind objects, and above all, make them suitable for the specific needs of our customers.

The price of the service depends on the shape and complexity of the object – please contact us for more information.  

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    3Dbgprint modeling

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      Why 3DBGPRINT?

      We specialize in a large part of 3D printing technology to guarantee the highest possible standard of the finished product. We are the first Bulgarian company to have printed and embedded in the human body one of the best 3D printed implants – 3D printed rib.

      The huge investment we have made in our machines means that you get, over and over again, high quality, accurate and incredibly strong prototypes and the production of small batches of parts. With many years of experience behind us now, during the period of 5 years, we have printed over 5 thousand models, which guarantees you a fantastic service.


      In the prototype and small batches business, we understand that privacy can be very important. Rest assured that from the time of first contact, we guarantee your confidentiality with the signing of a NDA privacy agreement.

      And if you have your own NDA that you would like us to sign, there is no problem! Send it to us and we will be glad to do it.

      The services that we offer are: Design and 3D printing.

      All our products are printed with a lot of LOVE