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  1. 3D pen SIMO

  2. 3D Gence Double - professional double-extruded 3D printer

  3. atum3D and 3Dbgprint launch very first DLP solution on the Bulgarian market

  4. NEW in the store - filament PRO1

  5. How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing;

  6. Swiss dental company Straumann seeks 3D printing partner;

  7. Hong Kong guru creates 3D printed sugar that looks like glass;

  8. UK furniture maker combines 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship for custom modern designs;

  9. 3D printing holds promise for musicians using prosthetics;

  10. WHATS NEW...Objet24


  12. 3D printed parts improve interiors of luxury helicopters;

  13. 3D printed parts improve interiors of luxury helicopters;

  14. Is Sony developing a 3D printing system for the Playstation?

  15. Godzilla printed human-sized statue;

  16. BioInspiration and SLEM fight shoe pollution with 3D printed compostable footwear;

  17. Clemson researchers develop custom-softness 3D printed orthotics for diabetes, arthritis patients;

  18. 3D printed Miriam device can detect dozens of cancers using a single blood sample;

  19. An algorithm and 3D printing ensure 'Rio' furniture remains unique and timeless;

  1. Watch: Gwendoline Christie of 'Game of Thrones' trapped in a shifting 3D printed dress;
  2. Egyptian Mummy's Face Recreated with 3D Printing

  3. Here's how to 3D print your own graphic directly onto T-shirts;

  4. Japanese designers 3D print gorgeous knitted vest from TPU;

  5. ASUS will now let you 3D print parts for ASUS motherboards, GPUs and peripherals;

  6. See how artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed porcelain ceramics;

  7. 3D Printing Will Customize Shoes for the Individual;

  8. 3D scanning and 3D printing put rare Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 3 back on the grid;

  9. 3D prints a stunning scale model of energy efficient roof for Renzo Piano's SNFCC cultural complex in Athens;

  10. Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam tests 3D printed ear models as educational tools;

  11. 3D print your own custom orthotics, your feet will thank you;

  12. Scientists develop 3D printing program to teach materials science in high schools;

  13. Tokyo elementary school begins 3D printing course;

  14. Every Hungarian school to get 3D printer within three years through 3DTECH program;

  15. Dubai initiate to become the most energy efficient city in the world;


  17. Homo naledi arrived in London printed on 3D printer;

  18. Don Foley's 3D printed antique lock

  19. Lego, 3D print & art: Oliver Griem proves that 3D printed toys can be artistic!

  20. Тhe studio that hacked a 3D printer into a tattooing machine;

  21. Iris van Herpen's astonishing 3D printed fashion arrives at the High Museum of Art;

  22. BLOCKS, the 'World's First Modular Smartwatch' announces 3D printable customisable shells;

  23. French company presents Eiffel Tower in completely new look!

  24. 3D printed Tactile Stave Notation helps visually impaired to better read music notations;

  25. Plastic Fantastic: Australian indigenous community 3D prints plastic waste to encourage school attendance;

  26. Royal Perth Hospital in Australia to regrow patient skull tissue by 3D printing stem cells;

  27. Engineers attempt to clean the ocean with a 3D-printed bikini!

  28. 3D Printed Ashtray Preserves Cigars Automatically;

  29. Construction of world's first 3D printed metal bridge begins today in Red Light District of Amsterdam!

  30. 3D printed World of Warcraft figures!

  31. Take a look at the world's fastest 3D-printed R/C car!

  32. Dutch students start project for developing the first ever DIY 3D printed bicycle OBI

  33. 3D printer shipments to reach 496K in 2016, 3D print market set to keep doubling in size

  34. Newly discovered Hadrosaur resored with 3D printin;

  35. German pensioner 3D prints amazing functional planes!

  36. Peugeot Fractal concept car, packed with 3D printed interior, to debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

  37. Desserts or clothes - why not?

  38. The first 3D printed violin...

  39. Walt Disney has developed a new technology - flexible toys 3D printer!

  40. The first 3D printed pill is being made!

  41. Electric vehicle printed on 3D printer? Yes, it's a fact!

  42. Nanjing University of the Arts graduates show off incredible 3D printed fashion accessories!

  43. School in Sofia City includes 3D printer in the learning process!

  44. School in Sofia educate children with a 3D printer!!!

  45. Unique: blind mother "saw" her unborn baby by 3D printer!

  46. The first 3D printed electric rocket!

  47. Animator Creates a 3D Printed Film Using 2,500 3D Printed Pieces

  48. 3D Prototyping as a Part of the New Technologies in the Training of Students at MU-Varna;

  49. Cleopatra the turtle got rescued by 3D printed shell

  50. How 3D Printing is Changing our Lives...

  51. EasyStand: First 3D Printed Ski Boot

  52. 7-year-old girl gets 3D printed 'robohand'

  53. 3D printers become faster and now can work with multiple materials simultaneously!

  54. 3dbgprint presented  Easy3DMaker in Burgas Free University;

  55. 3dbgprint participated in Burgas - Smart City 2015;

  56. Airbus division 3D prints aluminium component for Eurostar E3000 satellite !

  57. Chinese Company began printing bridal dresses on 3D Printer! 

  58. Bulletin january/february 2015 - Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania

  59. Spanish "Prado" museum made the first exhibition with 3D-printed pictures for blind people!

  60. Dubai will build "Museum of the future" using 3D printer!

  61. 3D Printing: A look at the market according to "Google Trends"

  62. Amazon wants to curb warehouse clutter by installing 3D printers on trucks

  63. French specialists have created an special 3D-printer for tattooing!

  64. 3D printers are entering the schools

  65. 9 Things We Can 3D Print in Medicine Right Now

  66. 3D printers market might exceed 10 billion Dollars by 2018

  67. 3DbgPrint visited the newest 3Dfactories factory in Germany - Wertheim

  68. 3D revolution in manufacturing

  69. Chinese built a real building with 3D printer

  70. Japanese 3D printers for children

  71. 3D printing - when we need something precise

  72. U.S. engineers made a car usung 3D printer

  73. Parts for space rockets by using 3D printer

  74. Coming soon ..The revolutionary new technology - the 3D scanning

  75. 3D printer getting cheaper


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