The 3D scanning technology enables us to scan an object and gradually build its 3D model on the computer instead of designing it from square one using 3D modelling strategies. For objects with numerous small details this service offers considerably higher precision in the reproduction of the 3D model compared to the computer modelling option, and saves a lot of time. Scanning enables us to capture fastidiously all kinds of sophisticated structures which would otherwise be almost impossible to create from square one.

Capture and print your most precious memories!

Don’t have a finished STL file? Bring us your treasured object and let us scan it; then we can model it and print it for you!

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  • High-quality non-contact 3D scanning – prompt and precise method of transferring the physical dimensions of small and medium objects into the computer
  • Back engineering of technical details through 3D scanning
  • Colour 3D scanning of target objects of various sizes – from tiny objects to entire buildings
  • Three-dimensional colour printing (prototyping) unique for the Bulgarian market using a state-of-the-art 3D printer
  • Design of photorealistic figurines of people – from customer scanning in 3D scanners, to processing of the three-dimensional digital file and printing the figurines in a full-colour 3D printer
  • Single-colour 3D printing with various materials

The price depends on the complexity of the object and time spent in the processing of data. Please, contact us for more information.